4. Reference

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Project Setup

Follow the Project Checkout instructions for git, then go to the project (relative path below).

$ cd app/contact-app/contact-webapp

General Setup Instructions

General instructions for checking out the project with Eclipse and building with Maven.

Example Project Setup

DB Setup Instructions

To setup the webapp to run with PostgreSQL, follow the steps below.

  • Install PostgreSQL 9.0
  • Create this file in your home directory so you don't have to enter the DB password.
  • Initialize the DB:
    $ cd app/contact-app
    $ ./init-postgres.sh
    or for re-initializing an existing DB:
    $ cd app/contact-app
    $ ./reinit-postgres.sh
  • Set the Java System Property when starting the servlet container for the Spring Profile.
  • Create a property file with the JDBC URL to PostgreSQL in the directory where the servlet container is started.

Project Information

  • Spring Framework 3.1.x